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Odd smash! Fareweel, fareweel, ma comely pet! As me and my marrow was ganning to wark,. If I had another penny,. The bonny pit laddie, the cannie pit laddie,. O Malt!

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Young cock-fighting Ned from the Fell [5]. Blind Willie [6] the fidler sat scraping,. On each market day, Sir, the folks to the Quay, Sir,. I was a young maiden truly,. My muse took flight the other day,. In fatal, humbling, eighty-three , [8]. As good Lord George [10] , and David say?

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Attend to my summons, ye British Electors,. To sing some nymph in her cot. When cooling zephyrs wanton play,. Whilst bards, in strains that sweetly flow,.

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Should the French in Newcastle but dare to appear,. Talk no more of brave Nelson, or gallant Sir Sidney,. Mr Lindoe, [13] your summons I haste to obey,. Allons, sweet childs, of smooth complexion,. If dat brave Monsieur Bowes [15] be chosen,. Great was the consternation, amazement, and dismay, Sir,. Some thought it was a Shark , Sir, a Porpus some conceived it;. Ye men of North and South Shields too, God send ye all prosperity,.

And long may Stephen K—— live, and never may the barber. Their younglings, quite able to take distant flight,. We fly to sage Franklin , and Washington now. As Neddy and Betty were walking along,. Come fill a bumper to the brim,. Come cheer up your hearts, my brave sons of the Tyne,. The proud sons of Spain, too, like fools did attempt,. There was bold Sidney Smith, on the Palestine shore,. When caught in his Mouse Trap [17] at Acre de John ,. First of yon throng, see Delia [18] shine,. Next her, behold the lovely Cloe [19] ,.

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Thee, lovely Cynthia [20] , next we sing,. Thy mien, sweet Daphne [21] , next we view,. Gay Sylvia [22] next appears in sight,. Sweet Celia [23] next demands our care,. See Flavia [24] , the young, the gay,. Her beauteous sister [25] next appears,. To handsome Pat [30] , and lovely Stell [31] ,. Sir James Duncan and Co. Newcastle, Exchange, Tyne, or Commercial Bank, [34]. Two Pence. Entd Jas Back, No. Our Estates liable, and Copper taken. Liddell, farewell!

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Come, haste to Newcastle, ye sons of fair Freedom,. May courage and candour still all your minds govern,—. Fra Benton Bank, to Benton town,.

Yt fell abowght the Lamasse tyde,. Syr Henry Perssye laye at the Newe Castell, [38]. The Perssye came byfore hys oste,. The blodye harte yn the Dowglas armes, [39]. It fell and about the Lammas time,. He has chosen the Lindsays light,. Earl Douglas said to Sir Hugh Montgomery ,. Then Percy and Montgomery met,. O yield thee, yield thee, Percy , he said,. As soon as he knew it was Montgomery ,. The Yngglyshe men hade ther bowys yebent,. This battell begane in Chyviat, [40].

But even five and fifti. He dyde the battel of Hombyll-down: [42]. God prosper long our noble king,.

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From Spey to the border,. On July seventh, the suthe to say,. Then Twidail came to with speid,.

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With Cranstane , Gladstane , gude at neid,. Had Tyndall , Redsdaile at his hand,. With Cucksdaile , Gladsdaile on the lie,. Auld Hebsrime and Northumberland. Callit in of Dandrie Hob and Jock ,. Carmichael bad them speik out plainly,. A Schaftan and a Fennick their,. Fy, Tyndall to it, Jedbrugh heir;. Sir Francis Russel tane was thair,. Zung Henry skapit hame, is hurt,.

The Scheriff wantit not gude-will,. Benjeadert , Hundlie and Hunthill ,. With Kirtoun , Newtoun , nobill-men. When we were silly sisters seven, sisters [we] were so fair.

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She kickt the table with her foot, she kickt it with her knee,. Come take the rings off my finger, the skin it is so white,. From Blyth to Symmon Side. A deep extensive, warping lake, [44]. Sir Swinton was a doughty knight. As that of Humbledown. The relaxation twist rejuvenates the mind, body and soul.