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Acoustic methods for interior examination of materials have a well established role in medical imaging and non-destructive testing. Less well known is the field of acoustic microscopy where imaging is achieved on a similar scale to optical microscopy, but where contrast is provided through the elastic properties of the media rather than by reflection and scattering of light.

Although acoustic microscopy has been known for over 20 years, and equipment is commercially available, new techniques such as the SLAM scanning laser acoustic microscope , confocal microscopy, surface waves, phase contrast and wavefront reconstruction have been developed in recent years. This book in combination with volume 1 Plenum, comprises chapters written by specialists from industry and the research community on selected developments in this field. Particular reference is made to the semiconductor industry and to medical imaging, where the benign, non-invasive character of ultrasonic waves has advantages for non-destructive evaluation.

S.A.M. - Scanning Acoustic Microscope

A wide-ranging chapter from Siemens covers applications to product assurance and failure mode analysis in the semiconductor industry. Richard Dawkins. Your review has been submitted successfully. Not registered?

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Considerable progress in the acoustic microscopy of solid structures has been made since then.

Advances in Acoustic Microscopy and High Resolution Imaging From Principles to Applications

Developments in the theory of the image formation of subsurface defects Lobkis et al. Conventionally, SAM images show variations of the amplitude of the acoustical signal. Grill extended this technique to high 1. This technique permits reconstruction of the surface relief of the sample with submicron resolution Grill, Hillmann, et al. Briggs, Arnold, eds. II: , Combining the time-of-flight technique with acoustic microscopy provides a powerful tool for investigating adhesion problems as well as the microstructure of small superhard samples.

An important step has been made in the direction of imaging subsurface structures at high temperatures.

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Ihara et al. Ihara, Jen, France, Rev. With the development of the ultrasonic force microscope Kolosov, Yamanaka, Jap. Application of SAM in Materials Natural and Artificial Science Measuring the elastic properties solids and thin films Measurement and visualization of adhesion in layered structures. Visualization of stress inside solid materials Drescherkrasicka, Willis. Nature , 52, Characterization of carbon-fiber-reinforced composites Manghnani, Zinin, et al. Acoustic left and SEM right images of concrete sample made with granitic aggregate grains and Portland cement paste.

The acoustic image was made at MHz. Application of SAM for Elastic Characterization of Biological Cells Mechanical characterization of biological cells and tissue cytoplasm by a conventional acoustic microscope was discussed thoroughly in the following review: Bereiter-Hahn, Blase, Ultrasonic Characterization of Biological Cells, in T.

Acoustic microscopy: resolution of subcellular detail.

Recently, a new high-frequency 1 GHz time-resolved acoustic microscope was developed at the Fraunhofer-Institute for Biomedical Technology, St. Ingbert, Germany Weiss, Lemor et al. It is based on an optical microscope from Olympus and it operates in a reflection mode.