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USABP is a nonprofit membership association dedicated to developing and advancing the art, science, and practice of Body Psychotherapy. Find a Therapist. Learn Education and Training. Webinars Overview. About Body Psychotherapy and Somatic Psychology? Choosing A Body Psychotherapist. Definition of Body Psychotherapy.

Childhood psychotherapy : a bioenergetic approach

Definition of the Work of a Body Psychotherapist. A Brief Description of Body Psychotherapy. History of Body Psychotherapy. Body Psychotherapy versus Somatic Psychology. Conference Volunteer Sign Up. Viewpoint News. Book Reviews. The Journal. And he is common. Common as air and water and as rare and refreshing as truly fresh air and clean water. I give this book to people that I care about and those that are ready to hear its wisdom, thank me. Having been involved in a maddening relationship with a narcissist, I marveled at the similarities in behavior he shared with especially one of the cases described.

Also, I felt more secure about my understanding of this bizarre disorder after reading Lowen's description of the spectrum of personality disorders beginning with the least harmful or destructive, phallic narcissistic disorder, to the most harrowing and life threatening, schizophrenia. Although the DSM IV criteria has changed since this book was published, so that some of his observations may be refutable, I still think this short book is a valuable and interesting read for anyone dealing with or interested in this phsychological disorder. If nothing else, it helps 'victims' of narcissists feel less 'crazy' and more educated about what they are or hopefully WERE dealing with inside the narcissistic relationship.

Alex T. This book is excellent for any student of psychology interested in learning more about the activities of the narcisist.

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This book I would not recomend for the reader looking to help themselves with a narcisist. Back to this Title Top. Reader Review The greatest book from Alexander Lowen. I consider it one of the most important books of the 20th century. This may sound overblown, but if you really understand this book it will transform your life. It offers real solutions to a deteriorating society. Lowen's writing style reaches its most beautiful level of clarity and cleanness in this wonderful addition to his amazing series of books.

Alexander Lowen's bioenergetic spirituality, July 13, Reviewer: A reader This latest of Lowen's books revisits the theme he covered earlier in "Depression and the Body," by with the added benefit of many more years of therapeutic practice.

This book is another small miracle for those interested in the life and emotions of the human body -- I have begun to follow the exercises Lowen recommends, with very positive results. The only drawback of the book is the deep sadness reading it engendered -- the sadness in realizing just how much of the precious life given us is lost or suppressed. You will come away from this book with new eyes albeit sad ones for modern society and its manic pace.

In terms of a physiological spirituality, Lowen takes time to look at bodily grace in spiritual terms. This is a form of "faith" that even atheistic athletes can appreciate, because it is so well grounded. The book proceeds by examining some of the body metaphors that we use in our culture eg. So, this book is also about language, how we use it, and what it means.

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I highly recommend this book, as well as the other Lowen books, for anyone interested in the mind-body link, the meaning of psychological and physiological well-being, and the role of spirituality and faith in maintaining health and vitality. The Betrayal of the Body by Alexander Lowen. It is one of the first books ever written that deals with body image from a psychological point of view. Eating disorders and distorted body images have been prevalent for the past 20 years. In this book, Dr. Caldwell, C. Chillot, R.

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