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Fair Play - All About Romance

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Top 10 Fair-Play Moments

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This time the paid guns aren't for hire, which makes View Product. Cold Paradise Stone Barrington Series 7. Stone Barrington gets reacquainted with a long-buried case and an ex-lover in this electrifying thriller Stone Barrington gets reacquainted with a long-buried case and an ex-lover in this electrifying thriller in the 1 New York Times bestselling series. Luxuriating in Palm Beach's winter warmth, Stone is stunned to recognize someone he thought was dead.

Former client Decaffeinated Corpse Coffeehouse Mystery Series 5. When an old friend of her ex-husband develops the world's first botanically decaffeinated coffee bean When an old friend of her ex-husband develops the world's first botanically decaffeinated coffee bean and smuggles it into the country, Clare Cosi, manager of Village Blend, believes it's a business opportunity she needs to investigate Espresso Shot Coffeehouse Mystery Series 7. Coffeehouse manager Clare Cosi has been hired to create a gourmet coffee and dessert bar Seriously, she actually looked for excuses not to date Michael, yet was only too eager to date blue-blood Reese I totally called it, by the way, that he was up to no good.

She even told Janna, her best friend and the heroine from the first book, that Michael 'wasn't who Surprisingly, I liked this book a lot more than I thought I would. She even told Janna, her best friend and the heroine from the first book, that Michael 'wasn't who she envisioned for herself,' just because he's Italian like her and from the same blue-collar neighborhood where she grew up.

I think the only time I really liked Theresa was when she allowed herself to be vulnerable, and opened herself up to Michael and the love he had to offer her. In fact, Michael was what made this book so enjoyable well, him, Gemma, and Anthony. Michael was such a sweetheart; not to mention, so patient to put up with Theresa's emotional roller-coaster she likes him, she doesn't like him, she wants to date him, she doesn't want to date him — seriously, I would've told her to take a hike!

I gotta give him major points for trying to woo her with pastries instead of flowers, and I loved that he was there for her when she needed him, no matter what was going on between them. I also loved that he was persistent without being a stalker, and that the last thing he wanted to do was push Theresa into doing something she wasn't comfortable with I'll say this much for Deirdre Martin: she really handled Theresa's whole near-rape situation with aplomb in these first two books.

Okay, really, I should move on, or this review will end up just being an ode to Mikey D not that he doesn't deserve it, mind you ;. Anyway, I was happy that Ty and Janna returned, especially with Ty coming back to coach the Blades not really a spoiler, since it's mentioned within the first chapter. And as I've mentioned above, I really liked Michael's relatives, Gemma and Anthony, and even got a kick out of their grandma, Nonna Maria.

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Michael's brother Anthony could be a jerk at times, but I loved his and Mikey's interactions, whether they were butting heads or just teasing each other in that way that siblings have. Who really stole the show, though, for me, was Michael and Anthony's free-spirited cousin Gemma. She always had such sage advice for her cousin Mikey, and she could be a hoot-and-a-half at times. Besides, I always have, and will always have, a soft spot for characters that dance to their own drum.

I look forward to reading her and Anthony's respective books in this series. Dec 28, Anna rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: females, hopeless romantics. Shelves: fiction , chick-lit. I loved this book!!! It's totally not your middle-of-the-road romance novel although it does possess some of the cheesiness that is common for this genre.

Most importantly, there's character development! We get to know them and like them and then there's actually something to root for when it comes time for them to get together. Theresa, the lead female, is multi-dimensional and has a real career not just a temp job, which is what happens in most romance novels.

She also has real-life family a I loved this book!!! She also has real-life family and personal problems that I could relate to that aren't directly tied to "getting the guy. The other supporting characters are also interesting in their own right. One thing I found really fascinating was that the characters are Italian-American and this adds another layer of depth to the novel because they struggle with achieving a balance between their Italian roots and their American-selves. Although the characters and their families are specifically Italian, I felt as though a lot of second generation immigrants including myself would be able to relate to these issues.

Lastly, I loved that this story actually takes place in an urban area New York City!!! No Texas. No Tennessee.

Fair Play (New York Blades)

No London. The constant contrast between Brooklyn and Manhattan causes the author to bring up urban issues such as gentrification and using public transit instead of driving everywhere. Jan 21, Jac For Love and Books rated it really liked it. I enjoyed book 1, Body Check, but had some serious issues with it too. So I was a bit worried that this second book would ruin my book a day streak 17 days!

I was enthralled and read it in one sitting! That I was going to love him. So I was so glad to get to read their story! But even better? Janna and Ty played a big roll in the story as well! I love series romance for this reason — when we get good interaction with past characters? I feel so attached! Although, given the backstory?

She did a great job at fleshing out both characters this time, something book 1 lacked. And over all? I am just in love with the New York Blades!

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Mar 04, Kylie rated it really liked it. I found it to be rather slow and meh. But I decided to give the series another try and I picked up Fair Play. I am so happy I did this, finding it quiet enjoyable. I really hate the feeling you get that you are reading the first book for a second time instead of moving forward with the story. Theresa was attacked in the first book, and it is clear to see that in the sequel she is still trying to deal with the past.

All the while she is also trying to move on with the life she thinks she wants. Michael has wanted Theresa for as long as he has known her. If only should would get over her preconceptions of him and see that he is really worth her time. Together the two learn a lot about each other and about their surrounding relationships.

I really enjoyed this novel. I will be reading book three in the near future now, especially since book two was just so much fun. If you are a fan of chick lit, contemporary romance then this is a book I urge you to try. Jan 31, Vicki rated it really liked it Recommended to Vicki by: Renee. I liked this book. It follows on from 'Body Check' with Theresa Falconetti best friend of Janna MacNeil in 'Body Check' as she battles the emotional fallout of her attempted rape in the first book. She has all sorts of issues with men, and hockey players in particular.

Naturally, the one guy that is convinced she is 'The One' is hockey player Michael Dante. Now, this guy had me won over from the start. All round nice guy and hottie, he has decided Theresa is 'The One' and pursues her relentles I liked this book. All round nice guy and hottie, he has decided Theresa is 'The One' and pursues her relentlessly. She sticks to her guns and goes out with some loser called Reese aka 'Fleece'.

It's an appropriate knick name as Theresa sadly discovers he is callously using her in his bid to buy out her PR firm. Long story short, she gets her head and her heart together and realises Michael is the one man that has been true to her through her darkest time, blah, blah, blah - they live happily ever after.