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High performance, high output modular loudspeaker systems with exceptional flexibility and discreet styling. Combined power, processing and system management for fast, easy and consistent Community system installations.

Skip to main content You are here Home Products. Outdoor Loudspeaker Systems Premium Performance Extreme Environments Weather-engineered high-performance loudspeakers for applications that require high-quality music, voice and paging solutions that can withstand the challenges of extreme conditions. R SERIES Full bandwidth, versatile high output music, voice and paging solutions for outdoor and indoor venues of any size or configuration. Is it the device's beautiful packaging? I don't own these speakers I have not personally listened to these speakers yet TAS reviewed the 'passive' version of these speakers about an year ago That review is available on-line In that review it was mentioned that the speakers are 89 db sensitive So, the speakers are fairly efficient Shouldn't speak about TAS here but they did a rather brief, kinda-positive, semi-urging sort of Nodding Approval.

I haven't checked eBay for a used previously "Loved" Set. My experience as a Buyer of every Audiophile Loudspeaker out there is that there are only a small few that can sustain Audiophile Love. Magnepans come to mind. The tweaky niche loudspeakers seem to rapidly fade into oblivion taking their buyers money with them but if you are the Super High Paid Radiologist, that I think you are, then Go Ahead and Buy, you can afford it!. Search form Search. Paperback, pp. Log in or register to post comments. Submitted by tonykaz on March 19, - pm. Or, maybe all the Loudspeaker designers only need to purchase this definitive work.

Tony in Michigan. Submitted by Bogolu Haranath on March 20, - am.

Check out Album by Bob Katz Manger S Submitted by Bogolu Haranath on March 21, - am. Submitted by tonykaz on March 21, - am. Your point? Different kind of transducer Manger ,,?? A low efficiency transducer with limited dynamic Range. Hmm, this is the Same as a Headphone 50mm transducer only far more power hungry. Of course it needs a Horn to give it an additional 9db. I do like the Powered aspect. It seems to be an ultra tweek product for a rather steep price structure. Does anyone own these things? Reeds Vol Instrumentation and Control Systems. Gordon Boyd. Geometric and Engineering Drawing.

Ken Morling.

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KC Agrawal. Fundamentals of Fluid Power Control. John Watton. Analog Electronics.

High Performance Loudspeakers by Martin Colloms

David Crecraft. Electric Power Systems. Loudspeaker and Headphone Handbook. John Borwick. Electrical Machines and Drives. John Hindmarsh. Switching Power Supplies A - Z. Sanjaya Maniktala. Current Interruption Transients Calculation. David F. Automotive Engineering. Basic Electronics for Scientists and Engineers.

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