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I love that the pop culture and philosophy books get you to really think, posing interesting questions, and fascinating perceptions centered around the subject at hand.

I really like that they are from all different authors, so you get a wide array of perceptions on any given topic. One person might see something one way, and the very next essay will present the idea from a degree angle. Just as a warning for the more casual reader, these are indeed textbook quality essays of a philosophical nature, with some of them delving into matters pretty deep. He saw himself as a producer and wanted to change the way rock was viewed. He wanted to make musicals and brought that pageantry to his songs. This essay, commenting on questions of perceived reality, had me stopping and comparing Labyrinth to Inception , another movie that plays with perceived reality.

After editing at City Book Review for a few years, I took up the duties of editorial assistant, which include assigning books for review, posting reviews to our various sites, and nagging reviewers for things. My answer to every book-related question: read Octavia Butler. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. The entire Socket Greeny trilogy Discovery , Training , and Legend follows a white-haired teenager that discovers he's part of an evolved human race, how he trains to understand his true self, and the legendary conclusion of his true nature.

In the year , an alien virus nearly wiped out the human race. A thousand years later, mankind has recovered and ventured into space. There has been no sign of the aliens since. Humanity remains confined to the Solar System. Mazzy Webber is a lowly janitor on a third-rate cargo ship. Deeply in debt, when his captain decides to turn pirate, he leaps at the chance. A modern Robin Hood - minus the part where he gives back to the poor - Webber lays down a few ground rules. No attacking manned ships, and no stealing from anyone who can't afford it. Within months, he and the crew are out of debt.

Their next target will make them rich. But the attack goes all wrong. The target's cargo could be the death of them - or it could be the key to reaching the stars. If you love "Breakers," this one is for you! The story was quite good, I like lots of good science in my SciFi. The audio was often so quiet I missed half of conversations, increasing the volume just resulted in the next speaker being too loud.

While there is no need to experience the first swimmers series, Breakers, it will explain some of the references in this follow-on series, which occurs a millennia in the future. Edward W. Robertson continues to create a wonderful cast of characters along with creative and exciting plot arcs to keep one glued to the story. While there are several lead characters, Webber is the primary one, at least in book 1 and I swear, his mocking and sarcastic attitude along with his luck reminds me so much of Walt in Breakers, I wouldn't at all be surprised to eventually find out that he is decedent of his.

The thing is, that while the story plays out in dramatic and often satirical ways, there are moments where Robertson suddenly surprises us with some very poignant and sad occurrences. Ray Chase is a very good narrator and is especially suited for this type of novel but he has a tendency to voice female roles with a gruffer voice than some of the male roles. Even so, he's still a joy to listen to him narrate the story. This is a swashbuckling, can't put it down audiobook. Robertson's prose combined with Ray Chase's interpretation, especially of the aliens, made this hard to stop listening.

The characters, especially Rada and Weber, are well developed, thoughtful and complex people.

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It's always great to encounter a book with a strong female protagonist. I enjoyed this story. I didn't like the narration. Would you consider the audio edition of Outlaw Rebel Stars to be better than the print version? The author takes on the age old battle of crew vrs self and space to make a new life. This time many of the battles are fresh and new, which gives us a new set of feelings for the crew..

Rebel Stars

The reader, Ray Chase does not narrate teh book, but makes it a living, breathing adventure. What was one of the most memorable moments of Outlaw Rebel Stars? Trying to survive, fighting off an attacking ship with two broke legs Which I have experienced two broken legs made me feel like part of the crew adn the adventure. It became a personal battle I was living. How does this one compare? I believe this is the third Ray Chase recording I have and without a doubt the best. He is a classic "friend" to invite over for an evening of story telling. I will from now on seek out new authors based on Ray's aaddition to the role as narrator.

Did you have an extreme reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry? Any additional comments? The adventure is here is far better than I can relate, READ IT and then you can experience the many deep feelings, both laughing and in near tears.

I don't write a ton of reviews but I felt the need for this one. I love his prose and world building. I'll be finishing this one as an ebook. The narration is awful, making the book very hard to understand. There is mostly action in this book, so no real story ever develops. A lot of the main characters die, which I found unusual, and depressing. The reader made me think of Vincent Price doing an Edgar Allen movie. This is not a complement.

At times zi just wanted to throw the book out, just from listening to him! If you are as fan of Edgar Allen Poe's material, you just might enjoy this novel. What would have made Outlaw better?

A writer with talent. Would you ever listen to anything by Edward W. Robertson again? How could the performance have been better? A different narrator. If you could play editor, what scene or scenes would you have cut from Outlaw? Obviously there was no one editing this work. I don't understand why or how there there is so much really poor sci-fi out there. Is it a genre that just isn't edited or is it just expected to be on a third grade level? Once again I feel cheated and am angry with audible reviews for leading me badly astray!!! Get a free audiobook.

Outlaw Rebel Stars, Book 1. Written by: Edward W. Narrated by: Ray Chase.

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Length: 6 hrs and 47 mins. People who bought this also bought Cole Narrated by: R. Primordial Threat Written by: M. Into the Unknown Written by: Jasper T. Publisher's Summary In the year , an alien virus nearly wiped out the human race. All that is about to change.

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Robertson P Edward W. What members say. No reviews are available. Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent. Sadieblue Atkinson Sailfish A fantastic start on a new swimmers saga While there is no need to experience the first swimmers series, Breakers, it will explain some of the references in this follow-on series, which occurs a millennia in the future.

Patti Riveting read! Amazon Customer Al Collier Benjamin An Author I love a narrator I don't.

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Don't waste your time The narration is awful, making the book very hard to understand. Texasowl