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You asked? The language of science and faith straight answers to genuine questions. Eight critical questions for mourners and the answers that will help you heal. Max on life : answers and inspiration for life's questions. The train was nowhere near hitting the cars, despite how death-defying the scene looks -- because the portion with the cars was shot separately from the portion with the train, and the two elements were combined in post-production. Afterward, Brian finds himself on the run, racing across the country to earn money before landing in Miami.

Cohen left soon after, replaced by director John Singleton, and the film ends up focusing on Brian and his boyhood friend Roman Pierce, played by Tyrese Gibson. Ja Rule was set to reprise his role as racer Edwin from the first film, and would have had a starring role in the movie after Vin Diesel exited.

Ebook The Three Stars And Other Selections More Amazing Hockey Lists For Trivia Lovers

Director John Singleton said talks with Ja Rule broke down, so he called up Ludacris, who was excited for the role. So Edwin was rewritten to be Tej, and Ludacris would become a franchise mainstay.

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Han is introduced and also dies in "Tokyo Drift," but he returns in "Fast 5. In "Better Luck Tomorrow," Kang's character is also called Han, and fans have speculated that though "Better Luck Tomorrow" isn't part of the canon, the two characters are the same person. In fact, Diesel only agreed to do the cameo in exchange for the rights to "The Chronicles of Riddick," Diesel's sci-fi franchise. Michelle Rodriguez also reprises her role in the movie, but doesn't have screen time with most of the other principles before she's "killed.

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All three would return to the franchise in "Fast 5. Diesel said it was a fan suggestion that led him and Justin Lin to reach out to The Rock for the part instead. Diesel said in an interview with Screen Rant that his view for sequels in the franchise was that there should be a long-term story plan in place, so the three movies have something of an arc. The bank vault had a car inside - The climax of the heist includes Dom and Brian stealing a whole bank vault by dragging it through the streets of Rio behind their cars.

The filmmakers achieved those shots with real vaults, but not while it was being pulled. That was a mock-up fit around a truck that could be driven to give the illusion the cars were pulling it, as the stunt coordinator explained in an interview with Vanity Fair. Universal's chairman Adam Fogelson said that by limiting the story to street racing, audiences were staying away from the franchise. The runway at the end is obscenely long - The final action sequence has the whole crew chasing a cargo plane trying to take off, and it goes on for quite a while. There's so much chasing involved, in fact, that people have done the math to figure out just how much road it would take to get it all done. She told Yahoo! Movies she learned of Letty's survival the same way as fans: by watching the post-credits sequence in "Fast 5.

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Paul Walker's brothers helped complete the film after his death - When Walker died in , he left part of the film unfinished. Diesel and director James Wan added a lengthy tribute to Walker at the end of the film, and to finish it, Walker's brothers Caleb and Cody stood in for their brother.

The filmmakers used special effects and old footage of Paul to digitally add his face to his brothers' body for certain shots, particularly in the tribute scene. Meanwhile, Walker's character Brian is retired in the movie to live his life with Dom's sister, Mia. Denzel Washington turned down Kurt Russell's role - Denzel Washington was offered, and turned down, a "mysterious" major role for "Furious 7" during the course of filming, according to Deadline. The role wasn't detailed at the time to avoid spoilers, but with "Furious 7" out, we know who took his place: Kurt Russell, in the role of Mr.

Russell is a government covert ops team leader who teams with Dom and the crew as they deal with Deckard Shaw. The filmmakers really dropped cars out of a plane - One of the biggest set pieces in the movie involves the crew driving out of a cargo plane in midair, then parachuting to a remote mountain road in order to hijack a convoy. Ridiculous as it might sound, the filmmakers did, in fact, drop a bunch of cars out of a plane to film the scene. Skydivers had to follow the cars out to get the shot. One car was destroyed in the attempt because its parachute didn't open. Ludacris had to convince the filmmakers to let him fight - Tej is the tech-minded member of the crew, but Ludacris had asked repeatedly for a chance to do a fight scene.

The scene was meant as a tag at the end of the movie, but it was cut.